‘Nuisance’ Hindu Incense Smoke Matter Resolved

An agreement has been reached between the South African Hindu Maha Sabha and the Durban apartment block, Morningside Ridge board of trustees. This comes after the recent debacle, involving the burning of incense stick and performing of a sacred fire ritual conducted by Hindu residents, known as Hawan. The South African Hindu Maha Sabha is set to address matters relating to religious intolerance in a webinar this Thursday, 24 September 2020.

A letter by Wakefields Property Management condemned religious practices of Hindus, particularly the ritual of burning incense, deeming it a nuisance affecting other residents. The letter had gone viral last week on social media and messenger platforms sparking outrage demanding answers from the property group.

Reaction to a letter that was sent to the residents of the Morningside Ridge Apartment on behalf of the Trustees of the Body Corporate has resulted in unfounded allegations of religious intolerance and racial bias. It was never the intention of Wakefields Property Management to judge anyone on their culture, religion or race, but rather to carry out the instruction of the Trustees of the Body Corporate in resolving complaints at the property.

The response of the Trustees, who are all practising Hindus, was as a result of a complaint of excessive smoke that was emanating from the garden of an apartment where it is thought that Hawan mixture was being burnt in a Hawan Kund. It is the second time over the last 12 months that this issue has been addressed.

Wakefield’s statement on Saturday, September 12.

Matter resolved

President of the Hindu Maha Sabha, Ashwin Trikamjee says they are happy that an agreement was reached to ensure social cohesion. , listen to the SABC Newsbreak podcast here,

Other recent incidents of racial and religious intolerance that have plagued the South African Indian community is the Isipingo Azaan ban as well as the demolition of a century-old temple in Port Shepstone, tap here to read more.

Source: Newsbreak Lotus

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