Unborn Baby Dies After Man Slashes Wife’s Stomach Open

Enraged husband slashes pregnant wife’s belly killing their unborn 4-month-old male baby after a priest predicted that this pregnancy was a girl child.

Uttar Pradesh unborn baby
The mother after the attack, a priest predicted that this pregnancy was a girl child. | Image: CHITRANJAN SINGH / BBC

An Uttar Pradesh man has been arrested after he used a sickle to rip open his pregnant wife’s stomach to find out the gender of their sixth child. The couple was apparently told by a priest that this pregnancy was going to give them another female. The man had been pressurizing his wife to deliver him a boy child as they already have five girls.

According to police reports, Pannalal, a 43-year-old labourer had returned home in a drunk state and an argument ensued with his 40-year-old wife Anita Devi. The man reportedly wanted his wife to abort the child due to being another female. After she refused to abort the child, the man allegedly attacked her with a sickle slashing her open killing their 4-month-old baby which was a boy.

Husband claims it was an accident

Neighbours intervened following the mother’s excruciating cries, Pannalal fled the scene while his wife was rushed to the hospital, where she remains in a critical state.

Emergency medical officer of the UP district hospital Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma said, “A woman with multiple injuries on her stomach and chest was brought to the hospital. Her injuries were grave and possibly caused by a sharp-edged weapon. We have referred her to a higher medical facility given her critical condition.”

Anita’s younger brother Ravi Kumar speaking to the Deccan Herald said, “My brother-in-law used to beat up my sister often for giving birth to five daughters. Even my parents tried to resolve the problem, but no one had ever imagined that he would take such a cruel step.”


The man was later apprehended by the Civil Lines police station with police official SHO Sudhakar Pandey stating, “We have detained the accused and he is being questioned.”

The man speaking to local media claims the incident was an accident, he stated that threw the sickle at her, but had no idea it would injure her so severely.

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