Ruben Jay Tamil Actor and Scriptwriter Dies of COVID-19

Iconic Tamil actor-writer Ruben Jay has passed away on Tuesday at age 54. The actor who has been battling lung cancer also tested positive for COVID-19 earlier. He has been undergoing treatment at a private medical facility in Trichy.

Tamil Actor Ruben Jay

Jay has been known for his supporting role in the Vijay Thalapathy starrer Ghilli and Dhool featuring Vikram. The Tamil actor and scriptwriter has in the past, collaborated with director Dharani. His most remembered roles include Vijay’s Ghilli and Vikram’s Dhool, both being under Dharani’s direction. Jay has been known for playing a role in Tamil soap opera Annamalai, which starred Sivakumar and Raadhika Sarathkumar.

Ruben Jay is survived by his wife Sangeetha. In other news,Aggie Govender of Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa says identifying and responding to early detection of childhood cancer is crucial, tap here for more

Source: Indian Express

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