Rhea Chakraborty: Sushant Used Friends to Support Drug Habit

Actor Rhea Chakraborty has spent over two weeks in jail and she continues to stands by her claims, that she and her brother Showik Chakraborty are unfortunate victims of a witch hunt by the Narcotics Control Bureau. On 22 September, a special NDPS court remanded the Chakraborty siblings back into judicial custody until 6 October. Rhea and Showik also filed for bail in the Bombay High Court.

Just yesterday, the Bombay High Court adjourned the bail hearings to today 24 September due to inclement weather and again this hearing has been adjourned until 29 September.

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Chakraborty’s statement in respect to her bail plea states, “The Applicant (Rhea Chakraborty) states that the Respondents have started a witch-hunt against her by the investigations at the behest of three Central Agencies specialized in investigations of international ramifications. The CBI and ED till today have found no material whatsoever against the Applicant and her family”.

Rhea Chakraborty also alleges in her bail plea that her late partner Sushant Singh Rajput “took advantage of those closest to him to sustain his drug habit”.

Chakraborty claims that her former boyfriend, Sushant Singh Rajput was the “only consumer of drugs and that he was directing his staff members to procure his drugs”. Chakraborty also alleges that “if the late actor were alive today, he would have been charged for the consumption of small quantities, which is a bailable offence having punishment of a term of imprisonment upto one year.”

Chakraborty also lashes out at the laws of India in terms of banned substance abuse saying it is “preposterous” that while the “consumer of drugs” would receive a maximum punishment of up to one year jail, she having paid for Sushants drugs on a few occasions, would be expected to serve 20 years jail time.

Her bail petition goes on to say that Sushant Singh Rajput, “used her, her brother Showik and members of his household staff to facilitate his own drug habit while ensuring that he did not leave a paper trail of his own in the form of any electronic evidence whatsoever”.

“It is unfortunate that Sushant Singh Rajput took advantage of those closest to him to sustain his drug habit and thought it fit to expose them to the perils that would entail”, Rhea states in her petition.

She also claims that based on information in the public domain, Sushant Singh Rajput had asked his cook, Neeraj, “to make ganja joints/rolls/doobies and place them in his bedroom” three days before his death on 14 June. Rhea says that Neeraj had told the CBI and Mumbai Police that he had prepared the joints and placed them in a box in his bedroom and “thereafter when the actor was found dead, he verified from the box that all the joints/doobies had been consumed and the entire box was empty”.

“Therefore it is clear from the evidence collected by investigative agencies that it was only late Sushant Singh Rajput who was the consumer of drugs and who was in the habit of using those around him to facilitate his drug habit,” Rhea Chakraborty’s bail plea states.

She also says in over 40 page petition that Sushant Singh Rajput’s ties with his family were strained and alleges that his sisters left him at the “peak of his depression”.

The petition says Sushant Singh Rajput was “in the regular habit of smoking cigarettes with ganja” since before they met, a habit he allegedly got into during the shoot of his movie Kedarnath.

In other news Deepika Padukone’s name surfaced on Monday night after a series of Whatsapp chats allegedly implicate her in sourcing drugs through her manager, Karishma Prakash. The NCB is expected to question the actor on Friday, 25 September. Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor are to appear on Saturday, 26 September, to read more tap here

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