Kshitij Prasad Arrested in Bollywood Drug Scandal

Bollywood director Kshitij Prasad was arrested on Saturday, 26 September after 2 days of interrogation by NCB officials. His name allegedly emerged following Rakul Preet Singh’s interrogation earlier last week.

After Rakul Preet Singh named Prasad in the drug probe, NCB officials had taken the director in for questioning and was subsequently arrested following a raid at his home. According to Times Now, Kshitij had revealed a series of names that make up the Bollywood drug scene.

Prasad’s home was also searched and marijuana was seized from his residence, the NCB arrested him on Saturday (September 26). News agency ANI reports, “Dharma Productions executive producer Kshitij Ravi Prasad to be arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau soon, in connection with a drug probe. Formalities are being completed.” Later, Kshitij was taken to for medical test after being arrested. According to Times Now, Kshitij was evasive during his questioning and the investigating team found his answers allegedly “unsatisfactory.”

Prasad has been linked to Ankush Arneja who is a socialite that runs a high profile kitchen in south Mumbai. Arneja is currently in custody by the NCB. It is believed that Ankush Arneja is responsible for supplying narcotics including MDMA and cannabis, Bollywood A-listers and business individuals. Sources say Kshitij would purchase these drugs from Arneja who would source them from drug dealers.

On Friday, Anubhav Chopra who is another close associate of Prasad was interrogated.

Kshitij’s name came up when NCB interrogated a drug peddler. The peddler claimed he was in constant touch with Kshitij and procured drugs from him on multiple occasions.

Prasad has been linked to Dharma Productions as a former employee of which Karan Johar has denied knowing him personally. In a statement released on Friday night, Joharsaid Prasad joined Dharmatic Entertainment, a sister concern of Dharma Productions, in November 2019 as one of the executive producers on contract basis for a project, which eventually did not materialise.

Kshitij Ravi Prasad is an Indian film director and producer. Born in Allahabad to an Army Officer, Col Ravi Prasad and Sangeeta Prasad, he grew up under the influence of the cinema. Apart from his directorial work, Prasad is known for his work as an executive producer with Balaji Motion Pictures and has been involved in projects with Netflix and Dharma Production’s entity Dharmatic Entertainment.

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Sources: TIMES NOW| ANI | India Today

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