Surekha Sikri Recovering at Home After Brain Stroke

The much-loved Bollywood and Indian soapie star Surekha Sikri is recovering from a brain stroke which she suffered from earlier this month. The 75-year-old veteran actor was discharged from hospital earlier this week after remaining hospitalized since September 8.

The Bollywood actor has received widespread acclaim for her role of a grandmother in the 2018 Ayushmann Khurrana movie Badhaai Ho. She has also won the 66th National Film award for the best-supporting actress for her role in the movie. Showing off her resilience, the actor arrived in a wheelchair to pick up her award.

Surekha Sikri Bollywood
Surekha Sikri is reportedly recovering well at home and looks forward to returning to acting soon.

“She is recovering well. She has started physiotherapy along with her continuing medical treatment. The recovery is going to take some time,” Sidhwani told PTI.

He further said Surekha Sikri is an optimistic person and she is looking forward to getting back into acting. “She is keen to get back to work. But it will take a while for her to get back to work,” Sidhwani added.

Sikri is a three-time national awards recipient, who is best known for her roles in Bollywood movies Tamas, Mammo, Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro, Zubeidaa and daily soap Balika Vadhu, among others. She was most recently seen in Netflix’s Ghost Stories.

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Source: PTI

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