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Lata Mangeshkar has lent her voice to thousands of songs in Hindi, regional and foreign languages.

Lata Mangeshkar 91st Birthday Top Ten Love Songs

Lata Mangeshkar turns 91 today, she recorded her first song at age 13, here are our top ten Bollywood love songs by the melody queen.

Indian playback singer Lata Mangeshkar turns 91 today, the veteran music artist has dominated the Indian film industry for 70 years. The iconic singer recorded her first song at age thirteen was determined to use her craft of music to support her family and also had one acting role. Her soulful hits ranging from Lag Ja Gale, Ruk Bhi Jao Jana to Aaj Kal Paon Zameen Par have etched memories for decades across various ages.

Lata Mangeshkar turns 91, she recorded her first song at age 13, here are our top ten Bollywood love songs by the melody queen.

Lata Mangeshkar’s message to her fans on her 91st birthday, “Light one lamp to another and let the love flow. We are going through the worst possible phase in the history of civilization due to the coronavirus. Be kind and generous to those who are less privileged than you. Now is the time to stop being tight-fisted.”

Humein Aur Jeene Ki Chahat
Agar Tum Na Hote

There is no denying that Lata Mangeshkar’s voice leaves a soothing trail in our hearts after every song we listen to. Humein Aur Jeena Ki Chahat song from the film Agar Tum Na Hote is definitely one of the most soulful songs of hers.

Speaking to Arab News about her most career-defining song, she said,

“It would have to be Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon (a patriotic song). No matter where I go, people ask about it, and some even ask me to sing it for them,” she said, before considering the question of her “lasting legacy” to the world.

“I honestly don’t know, but if I’ve received so much love for so long, I must’ve done something right.”

Saagar Kinare Dil Yeh Pukare

Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar’s Saagar Kinare Dil Yeh Pukare song makes every heart flutter with love. The song is from the film Saagar that released in 1985.

Lag Ja Gale Ke Phir
Woh Kaun Thi (1964)

Is there anyone on earth who hasn’t listened to Lag Ja Gale song and not get lost in a dreamland? The song is from 1964 film Woh Kaun Thi, starring Manoj Kumar, Sadhana, Helen, Prem Chopra, K.N.Singh, Mohan Choti, Dhumal

Aap Ki Nazro Ne Samjha

The song Aap Ki Nazro Ne Samjha is from the film Anpadh starring Mala Sinha, Balraj Sahni, Dharmendra. it is one of the most beautiful songs in Lata’s voice.

Man Mohana Bade Jhoothe
“Seema” (1955)

Showing off her classical roots, Mangeshkar’s gorgeous rendition of another song praising Krishna was beautifully picturized on Nutan in “Seema.” Since the star was also a trained singer she was able to realistically accompany the song on the tanpura as she lip-synched

Nain so Nain Nahi Milao
“Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje” (1955)

V. Shantaram’s dance film with music by Vasant Desai was another chance for Mangeshkar to show off her classical chops even if the actor in question was Sandhya, not a very well-known star, certainly not in the leagues of Meena Kumari, Nargis or Vyjanthimala.

Aaja Re Pardesi
“Madhumati” (1958)

Composer Salil Chowdhury shot to fame with the soundtrack to this story within a story of a wronged tribal girl who gets her own revenge, starring Vyjanthimala on whom the song was picturized.

Oh Sajna
“Parakh” (1960)

That sitar opener hooked so many Hindi film aficionados in this happy tune from composer Salil Chowdhury, picturized on Sadhana as a young woman in love for the first time.

Ajeeb Dastan Yeh
Dil Apna aur Preet Parai (1960)

Meena Kumar’s lip-synching matching Mangeskhar’s voice perfectly in this love triangle directed by Kishore Sahu with music from Shankar-Jaikishen.

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