Arbaaz Khan Files Defamation Suit in Sushant Probe

Arbaaz Khan has filed a defamation case before the Bombay Civil Court against several social media users for making defamatory claims against him. It is understood that these social media users published posts and online videos alleging Arbaaz Khan’s involvement in the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian, which are currently under investigation.

On 28 September, the Bombay court granted an interim order against the named defendants Vibhor Anand and Sakshi Bhandari, and unknown defendants, which is in the nature of a John Doe / Ashok Kumar order.

Arbaaz Khan and girlfriend Giorgia Andriani
Arbaaz Khan and girlfriend Giorgia Andriani

The court directed them to immediately withdraw/ recall/ take down the alleged defamatory content, including the ones described in the suit and others that are directly or indirectly related to Arbaaz Khan or his family members, from all public domains and social media platforms.

The erroneous portrayal in the posts mentioned in the suit reportedly stated that Arbaaz Khan was arrested and taken into unofficial custody by the Central Bureau of Investigation, one of the agencies probing Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

What are: John Doe orders provide relief to the victims and grant timely protection of their rights by avoiding the delay and difficulties in seeking relief due to anonymity of the offenders. Ashok Kumar is the Indian substitute of John Doe and nobody knows how the name came to be used as a local substitute for John Doe.

Source inputs: The Quint

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