Nicholas Arumugam: From Church to Pop Music

South Africa’s Nicholas Arumugam is an emerging musician who has his roots firmly planted in contemporary gospel music. The 27-year-old vocalist, who hails from the shores of Durban, South Africa began singing at church from an early age. As they say, the rest is history when music became his first love and burning passion. This place of spiritual invigoration is where this talented artist honed his vocal talents and now he breaks into the pop music scene with his new single.

South African musician and vocalist Nicholas Arumugam | Image courtesy: TickyBox Media
South African musician and vocalist Nicholas Arumugam | Image courtesy: TickyBox Media

Sharing the news on the social media platform, Instagram, the Arumugam captioned his post saying, “7 days!! My new single Label is out next Friday!!! . Excited to share with you this track.”

Speaking about his journey Arumugam says, ”I guess music chose me, the music got me through some really difficult times in my life’’. Now the South African musician is entering the pop industry with a whole new passion, with his new single titled Label. His debut single speaks out about not giving in to people’s opinions or labels about you, that being yourself is enough and you are worth it just the way you are.

With you, I can be myself, and that would be enough “

Nicholas Arumugam | Instagram

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