Neville Pillay Drama

Neville Pillay Threatened To Kill Me and Children: Ex-Wife

Former radio jock and entertainer Neville Pillay took to social media last week in a shocking video alleging mental and physical abuse at the hands of his ex-wife. The video has received widespread attention on Facebook, garnering thousands of shares and comments from social media users.

Neville Pillay and his ex-wife are creating a storm on social media as their family woes of alleged abuse claims get thrown on both sides.

The video published on 1 October, Pillay reveals that he has sustained physical abuse from his ex-wife the previous evening, before being thrown out. In the video, the former Lotus FM breakfast jock also implicates his daughter as being part of the abuse, explaining the various types of physical violence he allegedly sustained.

Neville Pillay Facebook
Pillay’s ex-wife and daughter slam allegations made against them. | Image source: Facebook

Here it is . I recorded this earlier this Morning. I have opened charges . I will be getting a protection order S I know the inevitable happens. I get sent to jail just because someone uses that protection orders like their PerSONal toy. Judge me if you want but don’t be too quick if you haven’t walked a mile in my shoes .

Neville Pillay on Facebook

Pillay has been undergoing dialysis treatment funded by donors the past few months after he previously sought help from the public in 2019. It was his older daughter who, Jordan (18) who shared her father’s plight seeking assistance from the public.

Ex-wife and daughter Jordan slam ‘lies’ by Neville Pillay

Speaking to Indian Spice on Friday, Karol Pillay slammed the allegations made by her ex-husband. She also revealed that she and her two daughters have begun to receive hateful and threatening messages after Neville’s video gave distorted views.

Karol Pillay reveals that Neville, despite being her ex-husband, she gave him a space in their home. She was also committed to undergo testing to give him a fighting chance to live however now she does not know what to think anymore. The ex-wife reveals that Pillay threatened her with violence when she refused to allow him to smoke cannabis in their home. She also alleges he threatened to stop paying the rent if she denied him his request to smoke as he pleases.

Karol became emotional as she explained that Neville Pillay has inflicted abuse on her on a number of occasions however she stood by him but this was the last straw. She went on to further state she has protected Pillay for many years but now she has no option but to take drastic steps against him by taking away his parental rights and walking away from his abuse.

She also reveals how she has on a number of occasions sought help for his drug problem by even booking him into a rehab unit but nothing has helped.

Phone recordings in possession of Indian Spice, Neville Pillay is heard threatening his ex-wife Karol and children. Pillay in the phone conversation is heard stating that he will have them raped by Nigerians at his bidding when he wants to.

Neville Pillay’s daughter speaks out

Pillay’s daughter eighteen-year-old Jordan, took to social media to give her side of the allegations levelled against her mother and herself. Commenting on one of her father’s subsequent posts she said, “So… my mom told you to leave because you wanted drugs.. so thats abuse? Haha okay then”

Jordan also hinted that she has never been able to speak out but now vows to reveal what went on the past few turbulent years as a family.

“We have been trying for so many years to help him but he doesn’t want to accept it and it’s really sad to see things end up like this. I was never really able to speak up about it because I was a minor and tried to protect my identity but I’m 18 now and I think it’s finally time to speak up about it.”

She also explained the incident that led to him being kicked out of their home that night, “Everything was fine until he started fighting with my mom over weed. He provoked her, he said you can either let me stay here quietly and smoke my weed and I’ll pay the rent or I can take my money, find my own place and do it there. Willing to drop all of us just so he can smoke it’s really unfair and it’s been happening for so long now. All we did was tell him to leave because he was fighting with us but he threatened to tell everybody that we abuse him.. look at his old posts there’s a Live video on his Facebook if you scroll down, my mom and my dad speak about the abuse he put us through.”

Neville Pillay
Neville Pillay’s daughter defends her mother and herself against cyberbullying.

On Friday 2 October Neville Pillay took to social media issuing a statement saying, “OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Thank you for the overwhelming support to my story. I’ve finally been given access to some clothes , medications and other equipment I need. My aim is not to punish my abuser or make them pay. My lawyer will handle all communication and carve a way forward. I just want to rest and gather myself . I will be in touch with everyone offering help . Contact me on WhatsApp cia my cell number if you can assist in any way . From this new beginnings arise and my purpose in life has been set clear . I stand for all abused men. Don’t be ashamed . You’re only someone’s child. Stay strong and thank you for your love”

Responding to the abuse that her mother and herself has endured over the past few days, Jordan commented,

With all due respect I love my dad. But I am even more mature enough to state facts, old enough to see right from wrong so if you don’t fully understand the situation I honestly don’t think you have the right to call my mom an abuser, I can send you some links to articles about my dads abuse over the years.

Karol states that the past few days have been a mental strain after the abuse she has experienced on social media after Neville Pillay distorted the reality of the situation. Karol and her daughter intend seeking protection from the authorities against Neville Pillay.

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