Actor Tamannaah Bhatia Discharged From Hospital

Actor Tamannaah Bhatia has been discharged after being admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad for COVID-19 earlier last week. Bhatia took to the social media platform Instagram on Monday (5 October) to reveal that she has returned home.

Tamannaah Bhatia Instagram post

“Although my team and I have been very disciplined on set, I unfortunately succumbed to a mild fever last week. After undertaking the mandatory tests, I was diagnosed as COVID-19 positive. I admitted myself into a private hospital in Hyderabad to mitigate adverse health outcomes and after being under the care of expert medical professionals, I am now being discharged”, Tamannaah wrote.

The Baahubali actor, whose parents had tested positive for coronavirus in August, added she is optimistic she will ‘recover fully’ and that she is currently isolating at home.

Tamannaah Bhatia COVID-19 discharge
Tamannaah Bhatia Instagram post | Follow us on Instagram and Google news

The actor added, “It has been a strenuous week but I feel relatively well. I am optimistic that I will recover fully from this health peril which is distressing so many people around the world. For the present I will be self-isolating as advised. A big virtual hug to everyone for their love, concern and positivity. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay well!”.

On the work front, Tamannaah Bhatia will be reprising Tabu’s role in the Telugu remake of the Sriram Raghavan directorial Andhadhun, that is scheduled to go on floors this November.

Source: The Quint

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