Dr Prithy Ramlachan COVID-19

Durban Doctor Prithy Ramlachan Beats COVID-19

A Durban-based doctor, whose wife spent more than two weeks on a ventilator after contracting COVID-19, says adequate rest and immune-boosting is key to fighting the virus. 67-year-old Dr Prithy Ramlachan and his 65-year-old wife contracted the virus around the same time during the peak in July, and after just 4 days, she took a turn for the worse and had to be hospitalised.

67-year-old Dr Prithy Ramlachan COVID-19

Dr Ramlachan says this virus is a real eye-opener in terms appreciating your loved ones, especially when you don’t have contact with them.

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In other news, Kapil Narain a 24-year-old Durban based final year medical student says he is honoured at being named among the “200 Young South Africans” by the Mail & Guardian. Narain says societal issues that he witnessed growing up stemmed his passion for the medical field and helping those around him, tap here

Source: Newsbreak Lotus

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