Delhi Eatery Gets Lease of Life Thanks To Social Media

Indian celebrities including, Raveena Tandon and actor Madhavan joined the movement to show support for a roadside eatery run by an 80-year-old couple in Delhi’ Malviya Nagar district. A video went viral showing the street-side eatery that was packed with delicious food but not a single customer due to the impact of the lockdown.

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Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi, who have been serving delicious meals for years to Delhites for decades, explained their life story. The Uttar Pradesh couple were married off at a young age, Devi was just three when she was betrothed to five-year-old Kanta Prasad. In hopes of seeking a better life, Badami Devi and her husband at age 21 moved to Delhi where he earned a living as a fruit seller, where they later opened up a streetside food stall since 1988. When the global lockdown took effect, the business slumped not only for them but for millions worldwide.

“For years, the work was slow. I ran it for 30 years making ends meet. But yesterday when I sat at my stall, I saw queues of people from NGOs, actors, people who just came to meet me. It was so overwhelming. I used to dream this when I was 21,” said Kanta Prasad.

The eatery, Baba ka Dhaba has also found its way onto food-delivery app Zomato and has since been receiving bulk orders. The couple plan to expand their team to a third person to help deal with the influx of new customers since the video went viral.

Prasad also shared an inspiring tidbit saying how God listens to everyone, “Not now, but maybe at 30, 40,50 or even at my age-80. But one day whatever you had wished for, with honesty would come to life making you dream further.”

Watch the video here,

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The doting husband also shared that he wishes to live a fuller and longer life with his wife by his side,

“She learnt quickly how to pose for the camera, I took some time! But now we want to go to the shop, have someone work for us like the rich people do & I will take her out for a ‘chai’ like our younger days! This seems just the beginning.”

The importance of that one meal or one product purchased by you from a small business makes a lasting impact on the livelihood of others. As we move out of the lockdown, take the opportunity to support a local business. Like Baba ka Dhaba there are many right around the corner that also would appreciate your support in your hometown.

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