Ishaan Khatter

VIDEO: Ishaan Khatter’s Beefy Look For Khaali Peeli

Ishaan Khatter’s beefy transformation in Khaali Peeli contrasts from his skinny look from his first movie Beyond The Clouds. On his Instagram, Khatter shared a montage of his training routine giving fans a glimpse into his workouts.

Ishaan Khatter

In the caption of the post, he wrote that he lost a serious amount of weight for the Majid Majidi directorial and added that ‘a new guy is coming up’ for Khaali Peeli.

“Found these old log photos of the weight loss for my first character in Beyond The Clouds. Flash forward now to film 3. New guy coming up soon… #KhaaliPeeli loading.” Ishaan appears to have put in a lot of effort to shape up for his new role in the film which is directed by Maqbool Khan.

Check out the Ishaan Khatter transformation video here:

In Khaali Peeli, Ishaan Khatter essays the typical Bollywood hero with Ananya Panday playing the bubbly, daring other-half. With every Bollywood rom-com, there has to be a villain played by Jaideep Ahlawat. The movie is an entertaining Bollywood masala with a ‘ladka-ladki’ on the run, the police and a gun-wielding villain chasing them, the hero taking on the goons and amid all the chaos, there are those colourful, extravagant song-dance sequences.

Ishaan made his debut with the film Beyond The Clouds, directed by Majid Majidi. Later, Ishaan sprang into Bollywood with Dhadak, which starred close friend Janhvi Kapoor. The film was a remake of the Marathi hit Sairat, which dealt with the dangers of the cast-system in India.

Khaali Peeli stars Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khatter promises a thrilling ride for Bollywood fans. The Maqbool Khan directorial is currently streaming on ZeePlex.

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