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Book Review: 12 Commandments of Being a Woman

Tahira Kashyap Khurrana is celebrating the release of her new book, 12 Commandments of Being a Woman. Bollywood celebrities from Vidya Balan to Twinkle Khanna have reviewed the book and the reviews have smash hit written all over it.

Kashyap took to social media to share Shah Rukh Khan’s review about her book. She took to Instagram to share SRK’s short review, which has been printed on the cover. “I’m not sure if I should be happy or offended that Tahira and her beau’s favourite make-out spot was in the cinema watching my movies (which kind of explains the strange smiles both of them have on their face wherever they meet me). This wonderful book is full of many such gems that will make you laugh as much as I did. More love to Tahira”, Shah Rukh wrote.

Tahira Kashyap book shah rukh khan
Tahira Kashyap Khurrana is celebrating the release of her new book, 12 Commandments of Being a Woman

To which Tahira responded, “Dear @iamsrk your movies not only made me bunk college but also made me shift a couple of bases… ahem! Your onscreen romance translated to an off screen one for me. Big thank you for that to begin with and for the day that I truly experienced your magnanimity at the TED talk when you didn’t judge me for my aspiration to be in Pam/Kim clan and today for having shared your kind words for my book! My heart is bouncing with joy! Big thank you once again”.

Varun Dhawan uploaded a video on Instagram, talking about how Tahira’s book is ‘beautiful and motivating’.

Varun Dhawan reviews Tahira Kashyap’s book

Twinkle Khanna, who has herself authored a few books, wrote, “Downright honest and delightful with its buoyant wit, this is an all-candles-ablaze celebration of the female mind”.

Varun Dhawan Tahira Kashyap's book
Twinkle Khanna reviews Tahira Kashyap’s book

Tahira’s Instagram timeline shows feedback from Vidya Balan, Badshah, Sonali Bendre, Masaba Gupta among others.

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