Aryananda Babu Lil Champs Winner

Aryananda Babu Takes Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Title 2020

Kerala’s emerging star singer Aryananda Babu clinched the title on Sunday night as the winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2020. The young girl beat Ranita Banerjee and Gurkirat Singh to take home the coveted trophy and cash prize of Rs five lakh.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2020 Aryananda Babu
In an exclusive conversation with, Aryananda shared that she couldn’t believe her luck when her name was announced.

“I was really not prepared. Each of the finalists was very good, and it was a tough competition. I was overjoyed when my name was announced, and I can’t thank God enough for making it happen. Coming from south, I really did not expect to win this show on Zee TV.”

Aryananda further shared that she wants to learn Hindi now, but that’s not the only language she wants to sing in. “I really want to be able to sing in every language. That’s my goal, and I hope I can fulfil that,” she added with a smile.

We further asked Aryananda Babu what helped her take home the trophy. She replied, “I really worked hard for it. I remember when the lockdown was announced, and the shoot had to be put on hold, everyone went home. However, I stayed back in Mumbai with my father to train myself. Throughout the period, I practised every day with him, and I feel God was kind to gift me this trophy for all the efforts I put in.”

As readers would know Aryananda Babu doesn’t speak or understand Hindi. However, that never became a barrier for her during her performances. “When I came for the final auditions, honestly, I couldn’t even speak a word of Hindi. I couldn’t believe my luck when they still chose me for the show. I worked hard and tried to learn as much as I could. Even if I could understand the language a bit, I really can’t speak it. Our mentors and gurus really helped me, and it was only because of their guidance that I could ace my performances. However, it was very tough learning the lyrics and adding emotions and expressions to the song in the short period that we got.”

Dedicating her big win to God and her parents, the young champion shared that she has been learning music from the time she was a toddler. “My father used to teach music at home, and I think I got interested in it from my early days. It was all very organic. I performed on the stage of Shri Krishna Temple when I was two and a half years. Music has always been my life,” concluded Aryananda, who looks up to Lata Mangeshkar as her idol.

Source: Indian Express

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