Daily Maverick Anti-Indian Narendra Modi

Daily Maverick Anti-Indian Agenda Slammed by Expat Community

Indian expatriate community Indian Association of South Africa (IASA) has slammed South African news outlet, Daily Maverick for creating a false narrative against India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The latest article published by the Daily Maverick titled A violent juncture: The rise of fascism in India has been authored by two individuals who are members of People Against Apartheid & Fascism. This is just one of several other news and opinion pieces by DM that paint a bleak picture of the work done by the Indian government for its people.

Amit More of IASA stated, “Daily Maverick does not stand for democracy but for propaganda and Jihadi fundamentalism. For the money, they will publish any amount of lies.”

Daily Maverick Anti-Indian Narendra Modi
Image source: Globe Post / Jewel Samad – AFP

In an email sent to the South African news outlet, IASA accuses the Daily Maverick of promoting anti-Indian sentiment to the greater South African community. DM stands accused of publishing news content without verifying the allegations and also failing to offer SA Indian ex-pat organisation a right of reply.

Indian Association of South Africa has also highlighted a series of news and opinion pieces by Daily Maverick, which they find questionable. The organisation claims that DM continues to embellish PM Narendra Modi as a fascist with an anti-Muslim agenda.

The Daily Maverick Citizen articles on India and PM Narendra Modi

Daily Maverick Citizen News Narendra Modi India politics
AntiIndian sentiment or Indophobia refers to negative feelings and hatred towards India, Indians, and Indian culture. Image source: Facebook
Narendra Modi Daily Maverick

“Daily Maverick mocking the ideals of democracy refuses to publish the replies of Indians in their columns. Shame on this kind of yellow journalism appeasing terrorists and expansionists, ” Amit More further added.

Daily Maverick Narendra Modi
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The IASA statement on email goes on to state, “the articles you are publishing on behalf of anti-Indian elements are responsible for drugs, kidnapping and terrorism in the entire world, which is not hidden.”

Narendra Modi Daily Maverick

The organisation further adds that the portrayal of India to South African readers continues to be maligned by the Daily Maverick. The association states that these news articles have hindered the positive work that Indian expatriates undertake within the South African community.

“Indian Association of South Africa has members belonging to the various religions, faiths and political backgrounds. Indian expatriate community is serving South Africa positively by transferring the skills and by creating thousands of jobs, whereas the articles you (Daily Maverick) are publishing on behalf of anti-Indian elements are responsible for drugs, kidnapping and terrorism in the entire world, which is not hidden.”

Daily Maverick in the recent article states that their new series titled Maverick Citizen “will contextualise the rise of fascist forces in India. Upcoming essays on religious nationalism, majoritarian violence and state repression in the world’s largest electoral democracy will also highlight how related issues can affect the South African social and political landscape. The series will, moreover, contribute towards a global solidarity campaign to fight political persecution and social marginalisation in India.”

Daily Maverick is a South African daily online and print newspaper founded in 2009 and edited by Branko Brkic and published by Styli Charalambous. Daily Maverick has not responded to our request for comment as yet.

Source inputs: DM | IASA | PAAF

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