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The 4 Most Popular Sports Indians Bet On Online

Betting has been a favourite pastime for generations, and India is no exception. Whether it’s sports or a game of chance, Indians like to place bets about anything under the sun.

As technology spreads and improves in India, tech has also made its way to the betting industry. In fact, online betting is a rising industry in the country as more betting sites have become available in recent years.

Moreover, many offshore betting companies have catered to Indian bettors due to online betting’s rising popularity. From betting prediction sites like ProTipster to established betting sites in the field, more gambling companies tailor their games and services to the Indian market.

Among these gambling services, online sports betting is one of the most popular areas Indians bet on. However, which sports do Indians like to bet on? If you’re trying to get into online sports betting or explore the Indian betting scene, here are the most popular sports you can bet on in India.


Since its inception 300 years ago, cricket has been widely enjoyed by Indian sports fans. Unsurprisingly, in terms of online betting, it is also well-received and continuously growing in popularity.

In fact, traffic from cricket betting is huge as the most popular means of betting is via mobile. With its convenience and easy accessibility, it has become easier for avid online sports bettors in India to place bets on a match.

Among the different leagues, the Indian Premier League is the biggest and most popular annual professional cricket league in the country. Online cricket bettors place their bets during this season since bettors usually earn good profits as long as they prepare a solid plan beforehand. 


As the national game of the country, it’s no surprise that hockey has a huge following in India. However, even without its title, hockey is a widely loved sport by all. In fact, India hosts some of the biggest hockey events worldwide.

When it comes to online hockey betting, the sport also has a strong fan base and gains lots of traffic and interest from the public. However, since hockey is a low-scoring game, the risks of betting on hockey are higher than other sports.

As a result, the industry is more profitable. Popular types of online hockey bets include puck line betting, and money line betting, among others.


Next to cricket, football may be considered the second most popular sport in the country. In fact, the sport is widely popular in the northeast region of India as well as in West Bengal, Goa, and Kerala.

In terms of online betting, football has also attracted a large following of avid bettors in the country. Most online betting companies even offer local wagers for Indians as part of the betting line up.

Moreover, football has become a popular online sports betting game that has already surpassed horse racing in terms of betting activity. However, take note that this fact applies not only in India but also the rest of the world.

More online sportsbooks are taking advantage of this opportunity, and as more online football bets become available, the more online bettors grow as well. If the sport’s popularity continues to grow in the country, it may compete head-to-head with cricket in terms of online betting activity.


Online tennis betting is a simpler and more straightforward game and that is why many enjoy watching and betting on it. Unlike the other sports on the list, bettors only need to bet on who will win a match for most of the time. Its simplicity makes it easier for bettors to win as it increases their odds of winning with fewer factors or gimmicks involved.

However, before trying your luck on online tennis betting, it’s always best to watch a few matches and become familiar with the sport and how the betting system works. Additional research on the bettors part often helps in making successful online bets.

Online Indian sports betting has come a long way and has significantly grown in recent years due to the country’s penchant for betting. More than a source of profit, it has become a means of pleasure and pastime in the country.

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