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President Ramaphosa Declares Provincial Funeral For Priscilla Jana

Colourful saris and a scrumptious beans curry are just some of the fond memories that colleagues at the South African Human Rights Commission have of the late human rights lawyer and Deputy Chairperson of the Commission, Priscilla Jana.

Commissioner Chris Nissen says Jana was extremely passionate about women’s rights and would always make it a point to bring it up at every meeting they had, no matter the topic. Nissen says he will miss her colourful personality, smile and motherly instincts around the office.

Priscilla Jana was born in Westville, Kwazulu-Natal, to a middle-class Indian family. From an early age, she developed an awareness of inequality in South Africa. In her book Fighting for Mandela, she states that everyone who was not White suffered under apartheid. Her biggest influence was her father, a teacher who taught her to challenge social injustices whether these related to apartheid or to the Indian caste system.

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Priscilla Jana

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has declared a special provincial official funeral for the late human rights lawyer and struggle activist Priscilla Jana.

“In this regard, President Ramaphosa has authorised that the National Flag be flown at half-mast at every flag station in the Gauteng Province on the day of her funeral service,” said acting presidency spokesperson Tyrone Seale in a statement.

Priscilla Jana played a significant role in anti-apartheid protest politics. She was a member of the South African Students Organisation {SASO}, the Black People’s Convention and the Federation of Transvaal Women [FEDTRAW]. Although she was banned by the apartheid government and her home was petrol bombed at some stage this did not deter or intimidate her, she continued with her activism against apartheid. She will be laid to rest today in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg.

Source: Newsbreak Lotus | EWN

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