Sugan Deon Naicker

Sugan Deon Naicker Sentenced to 35 Years Imprisonment

A Durban Regional court has convicted notorious fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker to 35 years imprisonment. The 37-year-old Chatsworth resident pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud amounting to over R500 000, while several cases remain open across the country.

Chatsworth fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker
Chatsworth fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker

Naicker has been a subject of multiple investigations undertaken by Indian Spice’s investigative unit KALI for a period of four years. In a joint partnership with forensic investigation firm IRS Investigations, revealed that Naicker had several cases that had gone unreported across South Africa. Soon after Indian Spice’s initial news reports, a flood of victims responded with their cases which led to over 10 other cases being filed against him.

During sentencing, Naicker had the audacity to recommend an amount of R100,000 as a fine to Magistrate Fariedha Mohamed, in exchange for a reduced sentence. Naicker’s legal representative further added that Naicker’s family would raise the funds however Magistrate Mohamed was unmoved.

In 2017, Sugan Deon Naicker was successfully nabbed at a Johannesburg mall after a joint operation was conducted alongside local police authorities. Naicker remained in police custody for a period of three weeks at the Boksburg Prison. Soon after bail was granted, Naicker setup his scam operations after settling down on the South coast of KZN where he began swindling several other victims before being nabbed in Margate following an operation by the Port Shepstone Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit.

According to the Sunday Tribune, state prosecutor Kuveshni Pillay stated that Naicker is a “con artist” and “smooth-talker” who pleaded guilty due to the overwhelming evidence against him.

Magistrate Mohamed said Naicker “did not learn his lesson” in spite of his two previous convictions (theft and fraud). “People trusted you and you stole from them.”

Mohamed said Naicker was not a candidate for a reduced sentence because he would continue scamming people once released and his R100 000 offer was a “drop in the ocean” to what he owed victims.

Sunday Tribune

Chad Thomas from IRS Forensic Investigations speaking about the successful conviction of Naicker said, “It was thanks to the ongoing efforts of Indian Spice who kept the spotlight on Naicker’s fraudulent activities that gave people the confidence to come forward and open cases against him. Both social and mainstream media play a critical role in keeping the public informed about the activities of fraudsters”, said Thomas.

Naicker’s victims are still urged to come forward with their cases and contact IRS Forensic Investigations on 086 191 1477. This will aid IRS Forensic Investigations to work with the authorities to include your case in the ongoing Naicker docket.

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