Elderly Couple Suffer Tragic Abuse by Son

First, you met the wonderful couple of Baba Ka Dhaba who won the hearts of millions on social media for their tireless effort of just making a living. Now meet this 70-year-old couple who own a roadside tea stall in Delhi’s Dwarka district.

Baba and Amma have suffered at the hands of their alcoholic son and son-in-law for years and were eventually driven out of their home. The couple suffered grievous injuries especially Baba who was left with a broken back and a fractured arm making him unable to stand straight.

A local named Vishal who visited Baba and Amma’s road-side tea stall curiously asked the couple about their predicament. The couple were visibly emotional unable to hold back their tears while speaking sharing the memories of the violence and abuse. Vishal, who was moved by their story, took on the initiative to help the couple. He had then generously restocked the stall with snacks like chips, namkeenmoong daal, biscuits, etc. for the couple to sell. He also bought them tea packets and milk, food essentials, and handed them Rs 10,000 for their expenses.

Vishal also asked his viewers to help in any way they can. Have a look at the video here:

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After the video went viral, several people, including celebrities like Mahima Chaudhry and Chitrangada Singh, extended their support.

Source: Storypick

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