Ulundi Melmoth Accident

Ulundi Accident Newborn Baby Among Thirteen Dead

Thirteen people, including a newborn baby, have been killed and four others critically injured in a collision between a truck and a minibus on the R66 between Ulundi and Melmoth, in northern KwaZulu-Natal. It’s alleged that a minibus caught alight when it collided with a truck this morning.

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Two weeks ago 13 people from the same family were killed in a minibus taxi crash between Underberg and Bulwer near the southern Drakensberg. KZN EMRS spokesperson Robert McKenzie explains,

Several businesses have been shut down by Durban’s Environmental Health Department while some were fined for flouting regulations and by-laws in Pinetown, west of Durban. The operation focused largely on non-complying food outlets in Hill Street, Stanfield Road, Dales Avenue and the Pinetown CBD. During the course of the inspection, an eatery on Stanfield Road was shutdown with immediate effect for selling shawarma under unhygienic conditions. Among other things it was selling rotten meat and several other transgressions including a lack of a trading license.


eThekwini Municipality Spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela, urges all businesses to fully comply with laws governing the handling of food,

Source: Newsbreak Lotus

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