Imran Tahir IPL 2020 Chennai Super Kings

Imran Tahir Does Rajinikanth Dialogues IPL 2020

In this episode “Eduda Vandiya Poduda Whistle!” of Hello Dubai Ahh, Ashwin Ravi chats to Chennai Super Kings spin king Imran Tahir. Watch the Parasakthi Express get candid about his experiences with the Yellow Army, speak Rajinikanth dialogues and a whole lot more.

South African leg-spinner Imran Tahir, who played a key role in Chennai Super Kings’ road to the final in IPL last year, is yet to play a game in the ongoing IPL 2020.

Imran Tahir IPL 2020 Chennai Super Kings

Watch Imran Tahir in conversation here,

Imran Tahir speaks of his rise within the cricketing landscape including his journey from Pakistan to South Africa as well as performing several Rajinikanth dialogues.

Imran Tahir Chennai Super Kings
Source: Ashwin Ravi

While Tahir was awarded the ‘Purple Cap‘ in 2019 after he took a whopping 26 wickets for CSK; this year the spinner has just been warming the benches donning his yellow jersey, tap here to read more

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