TikTok Video

TikTok Woman Dips Hand in Boiling Oil Without Flinching

In a TikTok video gone viral online, an elderly woman can be seen dipping her hand in a big pot of boiling oil without flinching leaving viewers shocked.

TikTok Video

While some amateurs like to use the professional knives to channelize their inner Chef Vikas Khanna, some experts don’t even mind using their bare hands to fry food in boiling oil. Yes, we were also intrigued when we saw this woman skipping the tongs and dipping her hands into boiling oil to fry food.

In an undated video shared online, an elderly woman can be seen standing next to a big pot of boiling oil. She then puts the marinated food item into the pot and uses her hand to flip the ones already in it. She does it so effortlessly that it seems unreal and edited.

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