Malvi Malhotra Kangana Ranaut

Udaan Actress Malvi Malhotra Stabbed By Producer

Udaan and Hotel Milan actress Malvi Malhotra has been attacked in Versova, Mumbai while heading home, Kangana Ranaut calls for action.

Malvi Malhotra Kangana Ranaut

Udaan and Hotel Milan actress Malvi Malhotra has been attacked in Versova, Mumbai while heading home. The actress was rushed to the Kokilaben Ambani hospital where she is undergoing treatment. It is believed that the suspect named Yogesh Kumar Mahipal Singh stabbed her with a knife in the abdomen and both her hands.

DCP S. Chaitanya of the Mumbai Police was quoted saying, “We have filed an FIR under section 307 and section 354. Further investigation is going on and we will soon arrest the accused.” according to News18.

According to Mumbai Mirror, the accused identifies himself as a producer and had connected with the actress on Facebook a year ago. They had met once and the man had proposed to her which she rejected. The rejection is believed to be the cause of their argument yesterday. The cops will be going through the CCTV footage from the area to get to the bottom of the incident.

Kangana Ranaut calls for action against the suspect

Kangana Ranaut on Twitter

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