Laxmii ‘BamBholle’ Has a Terrifying Akshay Praising Lord Shiva

The Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Laxmii’ is setting DIwali on fire this 2020 as the makers dropped their latest hit track titled ‘BamBholle’. The song has Laxmii played by Akshay Kumar, pays tribute to the Hindu god Lord Shiva. The chant ‘Bam Bam Bhole’ is synonymous with devotees of Lord Shiva who use this cry to evoke their emotions in praise of the blue-throated god.

BamBholle Laxmii Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar in a a scene from Laxmii’s Bambholle

The song BamBholle makes clear references to the legends surrounding the Hindu gods Shiva and Parvai where you see Parvati (Mahakali)’s ‘AdiPurush’ roop as part of the performance scenes. The Bollywood film ‘Laxmii’ portrays the life of transgenders who are also seen dancing in front of the deity. Akshay Kumar is also seen dancing with the sacred trishul in his hand.

The lyrics of the song also give give references to the Hindu avatars of Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama.

‘Tujhe dekh hue darshan, saakshaat saamne, jaise Hanuman ji ko diye Sri Ram ne,’ is a verse in the Laxmii song ‘BamBholle’ .

Lyrics to Laxmii’s BamBholle
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Amid the backlash on the title, film critic and movie trade analyst Taran Adarsh confirmed that the title has been changed to ‘Laxmii’.

‘LaxmmiBomb’ changes to ‘Laxmii’

“NEW DEVELOPMENT… #LaxmmiBomb title changed… New title: #Laxmii… Premieres 9 Nov 2020 on #DisneyPlusHotstarVIP… Stars #AkshayKumar and #KiaraAdvani, ” tweeted Adarsh.

On choosing the previous title, film director Raghava Lawrence had said, “I considered going the same way for the Hindi remake but we collectively decided that the name must appeal to the Hindi audience as well and what better than Laxmmi.”

“By god’s grace, it was turning out to be a cracker of a film, so we named it ‘Laxmmi Bomb’. Like a dhamaka of Laxmmi Bomb cannot be missed, the transgender lead character is powerful and radiant. Hence the name fits perfectly,” he added.

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