Addington Hospital Durban Covid-19

Addington Hospital Workers Embark on Go-Slow

Service delivery is once again hampered at the Addington Hospital in Durban, due to more than 500 staffers embarking on a go-slow. The Public Servants Association of South Africa says that healthcare workers cannot do their jobs with only 1 of the 10 elevators in the 15-floor building in operation.

Addington Hospital Durban Covid-19

Last week, workers took to the streets demanding that local government heed their calls to fix the elevators which are putting much strain on both them and patients. Dozens of walk-in patients last week turned away because they were not able to walk up so many flights of stairs to get to their respective departments.

PSA KwaZulu-Natal manager Mlungisi Ndlovu says a meeting will be held today with the head of the Health Department, Doctor Sandile Shabalala, to do an on-site inspection at the hospital. Listen to the SABC Newsbreak podcast here,

In other news,  Public Works Minister Patricia de Lille says an anti-corruption forum has been modelled to ensure that potential fraud is identified when spending on infrastructure development. About 430 billion rands has been committed toward the “Infrastructure Investment Plan” that seeks to build South Africa to a more developed state. But there has been widespread concern about irregular spending of state funds.

De Lille says the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) will provide an oversight mechanism in the project.

Source inputs: Newsbreak Lotus

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