Vivian Reddy VIctor Ntuli
Nomvula Ndlovu, Ethel Ntuli and Vivian Reddy Picture: Supplied

Vivian Reddy’s Bond With Victor Ntuli’s Family Explained

Last week local businessman and philanthropist Vivian Reddy handed over the title deeds of the home of the survivors of Victor Ntuli. The Ntuli’s lost family members in what’s been described as one of the most violent shootings in South African history.

Vivian Reddy VIctor Ntuli
South African businessman and philanthropist Vivian Reddy handed over the title deeds to the survivors of Victor Ntuli’s family last week.

It is believed that on the 21st of January 1987, several men armed with AK-47 assault rifles killed 13 people including seven children at a house in KwaMakhutha. At the time there were claims that the attack had been aimed at Victor Ntuli, the 21-year-old founder of the Kwamakhutha Youth League (KYL). Meanwhile, Vivian Reddy would go on to purchase the home for the family – and has been supporting them ever since.

Speaking at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Victor Ntuli’s mother, Kanyesele Ethel Ntuli told the Commission how the event changed her life. She wasn’t there when the incident happened, but her husband and three daughters were killed and her grandchild injured. And she could never go back to her house.

“I left my house. I went for two weeks and the person I was with said I should leave because they were not safe, because of my presence. People are scared of associating with us and to be seen as people who are close to us.”

Listen to the SABC Newsbreak podcast here as Reddy explains why he felt it was time to hand the title deeds to the family.

Source inputs: Newsbreak Lotus

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