Eco-Friendly Cow-Dung Lamps This Diwali

Madhya Pradesh [India]: Like their counterparts in Rajasthan, women from a self-help group in Bhopal are also preparing eco-friendly lamps from cow dung this Diwali season.

The members of the self-help group credit Prime Minister Narendra Modi for encouraging them to become “Atmanirbhar or self-reliant,” prompting them to kick-start their eco-friendly endeavour.

Cow Dung Lamps Diyas Diwali 2020

“We got the idea of preparing these items when honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged us to become self-reliant in one of his speeches. We then learnt making eco-friendly lamps on YouTube. First, we learned to prepare incense cones and sticks. We didn’t succeed initially, but with self-motivation, we achieved our goal,” Kavita Yadav, a member of the self-help group told ANI.

Yadav went on to explain how earthen lamps made of cow dung are more economical than the traditional diyas.

“The main difference between the traditional diyas and these cow dung-made lamps is the cost. The cow-dung lamps are much cheaper. In future, I aim to create antique items from the same material,” Yadav added.

In future, the group is also targeting to create tiles and mobile phone stand from cow dung, claiming that it would lessen the harmful radiations, emitted by cells, by up to 90 per cent.

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Source: ANI

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