Roman Cabanac Morning Shot Karou Charou

Roman Cabanac In Conversation with Karou Charou

Roman Cabanac of The Morning Shot podcast show discusses South African Indian diversity with the uncensored comedian Karou Charou. Cabanac is a familiar name on social media circles within the digital mediascape of South Africa.

Roman Cabanac Morning Shot Karou Charou
Roman Cabanac and Karou Charou in conversation on The Morning Shot

In a recent video, Cabanac goes into a conversation on “The Morning Shot” with South African comedian Karou Charou. Cabanac co-hosts the podcast show ‘The Renegade Report’ and he is also the founder of ‘The Morning Shot’ show on video platform Youtube.

The Indian comedian Karou Charou gets into a series of topics discussing social and political issues of South African as well a special event being dubbed “Park By The Pozie”.

Watch the full show here,

Karou Charou is also the spokesperson of the National Indian Congress of South Africa who are mobilizing a protest dubbed ‘Park By The Pozie’ for the South African Indian community of Ethekwini.

Source: The Morning Shot

The video Roman Cabanac referred to was a viral reaction video comparing, the reporting style of eNCA anchor Thulasizwe Simelane, over the recent Senekal protests versus an EFF confrontation with a White business owner.

You can watch that Karou Charou video here

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