Park By The Pozie South African Indians

South African Indians Called On To ‘Park By The Pozie’

SOUTH AFRICA: A call for South African Indians to stay home on Saturday, 12 December has begun to steamroll on social media. The movement called “Park By The Pozie” by a new organization claiming to represent the interests of the South African Indian community.

The organization named, National Indian Congress of South Africa (NICSA), claims to not have any political ambition, wants to send a message to government and corporate institutions, to identify with the South African Indian consumer and their relevance to a greater South African society.

The press statement indicates that this ‘Park By The Pozie’ protest campaign “will be concentrated on the Ethekwini Municipality where the bulk of the South African Indian population reside.”

NICSA calls on the Indian residents of Ethekwini to ‘PARK BY THE POZIE’ wanting them to “stay away from the City’s major hotspots such as the malls, casinos, cinemas, parks and beaches, amongst others.” 

#PBTP Campaign

The press statement further adds, “Armed with this “economic power” the Indian community would like to send a reminder to the Ethekwini Municipality, the SA Government and indeed to the rest of SA, that the Indian community is a part of the fabric of SA and that we need to be treated and respected as such.”

Ambitious dream for South African Indians

NICSA in their statement also added that they intend “to champion the rights of the SA Indian population. If the municipal and national authorities don’t heed our call and engage with us, we intend to embark on a number of other strategies to ensure that our concerns are addressed.”

Park BY The Pozie NICSA National Indian Congress South Africa
Park by the Pozie Campaign by NICSA

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