Diwali Durban Metro Police

Celebrate Diwali Responsibly Say Durban Metro Police

Durban Metro Police are warning all those using fireworks this weekend in celebration of Diwali, to do so within the parameters of the law OR face a steep penalty. Metro Police spokesperson, senior superintendent Parbhoo Sewpersad says fireworks are allowed between sunset and 12 pm tomorrow ONLY. Should anyone be caught breaking this law, they may face a fine of up to R3,500.

Sewpersad says Metro officers will be out in full force ensuring that the municipal by-laws are adhered to listen to the SABC Newsbreak podcast,

In other South Africa news, unemployment rose to 30,8% from 23,3% in the second quarter according to Statistics South Africa. However, the unemployment rate was artificially low in the second quarter because Statistics South Africa only classifies people as unemployed if they are actively looking for work, which many people were unable to do in the second quarter because of the strict coronavirus lockdown.

There were 6,5 million people unemployed in the third quarter, compared with 4,3 million unemployed people in the second quarter. Director and Chief Economist at Econometrix, Dr Azar Jamine, explains,

Source inputs: Newsbreak Lotus

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