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Mother Kills Infant Hurling Him Off Third Floor Flat

HYDERABAD: A troubled marriage has ended tragically with the murder of a 14-day old baby as the mother hurled the infant off a third floor flat. It is believed that the mother of the child took drastic actions after previous attempts to end her own life following disputes in her marriage. The mother allegedly hurled the baby out of her parents’ third-floor flat at Fatehnagar. The shocking incident occurred on Friday but came to light on Sunday. The baby was just 14 days old.

The woman, Lavanya (27), has been booked for murder under IPC Section 302 but is yet to be arrested as she is still recovering following the birth of the now-deceased child. The mother had attempted to commit suicide by consuming rat poison on October 29 however she survived the attempt after her parents rushed her to a hospital, where she later gave birth to the boy on October 30.

A FIR had then been lodged with the police, by her family, against her husband Venu Gopal (32), a software professional, at the Sanathnagar police station. A case of domestic violence and abetment to suicide was registered against the husband.

According to police officials, Venu had married Lavanya in 2016 but the marriage was stormy and despite several counselling sessions, the couple failed to reconcile their differences already have a three-year-old son.
It is believed after her discharge from the hospital, the mother went to her parent’s home where the incident had occurred.

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On Friday, she threw the baby from the third floor of her parents’ house. The baby died on the spot. Later, her brother told Venu the baby died. Venu lodged a plaint against his wife, accusing her of killing the child due to disputes with him.

Source: TNN

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