Diwali Rant KZN Horse Trainer Suspended

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha say they are pleased that a local betting company has taken strict action against an employee for allegedly making racist and anti-Hindu sentiments during Diwali celebrations at the weekend.

A Facebook post at the weekend in which a racehorse trainer Frank Robinson made disparaging comments about Diwali, has caused an uproar. In a social media post on Facebook, Robinson allegedly made the comment stating Indians are ‘a piece of sh*t race’ and went on to state that ‘they are stupid and childish’.

Frank Robinson Diwali Rant
Frank Robinson has subsequently removed the post and apologized for his comments made on Facebook.

The company has since suspended the official, pending an internal investigation into the matter. In a statement published, the National Horseracing Authority has confirmed that an inquiry is underway into the alleged racist comments made on social media by horse trainer Frank Robinson.

After careful consideration of the social media post and the prima facie evidence, the Chief Executive and Racing Control Executive have placed an interim suspension on Trainer Robinson in terms of the provisions of Rule 91.2.

This interim suspension prevents Trainer Robinson from entering or declaring horses under his licence until such time as the Inquiry is finalised.

National Horseracing Authority on Monday 16 November 2020

In the interests of horse welfare, Mr Robinson will be permitted access to horses in his care during the period of interim suspension. Sabha President, Ashwin Trikamjee says they are also dealing with another racist matter that turned violent in Pretoria.

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Source inputs: Newsbreak Lotus

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