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The Tamil movie Kabadadaari can be watched on Amazon Prime form today. The movie stars Sibiraj, Swetha, Nassar and Jayprakash. The story is about a traffic cop Shakti whose real passion is in crime related
cases. He stumbles across the skeletal remains of three people and he decides to investigate. However much to his dismay he finds out the remains are about 40 years old. He meets up with journalist Kumar who is also interested in the case and together they try and unravel the mystery.

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Rasika Rnjani Sabha
If you are interested in some good Tamil Semi-classical and devotional music on the internet then you can tune in to the Tamil Isai Saaral program with Aruna Prabha Ranganathan and party today at 3.15 pm SA time. Live webcast on Their website is

All followers of Lord Shiva will be looking forward to Mahasivarathri on the night of 11 March. I am not sure if temples will be open to observing this with devotees. I remember it was a habit for devotees
to move around from temple to temple listening to the various music groups render songs. The Asherville Saiva Sithantha Sungam will be live on their facebook page from 6 pm to 6 am. I am sure many other
organisations will be also doing this. The SA Musicians against Covid19 also have a daily program leading to Sivarathri.

If you are looking for something different you can follow the live broadcast of music and discourses on 11 March from 2.45 pm till 2.30am SA time. The artistes performing will be Papanasam Ashok Ramani, Suchritha Balasubramanian, Anuradha Krishnamurthy, Sikkal Gurucharan and Malavika Sundar and others. The programs van be viewed on

Brass Kabal
We have started a new initiative to purchase and courier goods that you will want from Chennai and from India. However, courier charges are high for small parcels so the order should be about 6 kgs.
And 11kgs even better. For smaller orders you will have to share with others. We will send our first parcel in a few day’s time so please send me your orders. One of the orders was this brass kabalam for a client in Verulam. Apparently it is used during the Kali prayers.

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