Yudhika Sujanani Chana Magaj Eggless Cake Diwali

Chana Magaj Eggless Coconut Cake with Yudhika Sujanani

In celebration of Diwali, Yudhika Sujanani on SABC’s Indian lifestyle program MELA has prepared a blockbuster sweetmeat with Chana Magaj as the star of the menu and eggless cake playing a fine supporting role.

Source: SABC Mela Youtube

In other news, a call for South African Indians to stay home on Saturday, 12 December 2020, has begun to steamroll on social media. The movement called “Park By The Pozie” by a new organization claiming to represent the interests of the South African Indian community. The organization named, National Indian Congress of South Africa (NICSA), claims to not have any political ambition, wants to send a message to government and corporate institutions, to identify with the South African Indian consumer and their relevance to a greater South African society tap here for more,

Source: Mela SABC Youtube

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