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Chennai News 12 March

Aelay is a delightful Tamil movie set in a village and it gives you an understanding of the beautiful life there. The movie starts with an embittered son Parthi (Manikandan) coming to the village for his father’s funeral.

This will give you a good idea of a village funeral and maybe you can look for similarities in our funerals as our ancestors also came from villages. However there is a flashback of the father Muthukutty (Samuthirakani) who is a shameless drunk and hustler who always embarrasses his children. There is also a delightful romance between Parthi and Naachiya (Madhumathi Padmanabhan who looks like a real village beauty), the daughter of a rich landlord in the village. The village itself takes on a life of its own. There are many twists and turns, many that you will not be able to guess that makes it an enjoyable film even if it is a tad too long. However since you are going to see it on the OTT platform you can take a break in-between. The movie is directed by Halitha Shameen who also directed Sillu Karuppatti and Poovarasam Peepee. This movie can be seen on Netflix with English sub-titles.

I enjoyed this movie so much that I went to YouTube and watched the Poovarasam Peepee which was the debut movie of the director. It is a story of three sixth standard boys who solve a murder case during their summer holidays. A very enjoyable movie.

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A very interesting development in the music scene was the reconstruction of the ancient harp like musical instrument called the Yazh which was in vogue over 2000 thousand years ago in Tamil music. This was done by musician Tharun Sekar who has now used this instrument in a song titled “Azhagi” with musicians Syan Saheer and Siva Subramanian. In keeping with the occasion, part of the video of the song was shot in the teppakulam (temple tank) of a 2000 old temple. Just google “Azhagi using a Yazh” and you will find the song.

An interesting music collaboration is between rapper Arivu of the Casteless Collective band and singer Dhee in the new song Enjoy Enjaami. Dhee a Srilankan Australian singer with her unique voice is famous for her song Rowdy Baby which has over a billion views, Kaattu Payale etc. The song was produced by her step-father music director Santosh Narayanan and can be viewed on YouTube.

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