Shallcross, Chatsworth

Teddy Mafia’s killing: what happened next?

The death of drug czar Teddy Mafia stunned the Chatsworth community in January, 2021. The violent shooting and the subsequent justice handed out to his assassins was shocking to all. This was followed up by politicians talking pointlessly and a lavish funeral.

After all the hullabaloo, what was the progress made on the investigation?

No leads
The Rising Sun reports that Chatsworth Community Policing Forum chairman, Jakes Singh stated that the investigation is still at a sensitive stage and is continuing.

“Police need to follow a long trail of investigation. Members of the community need to let the investigation take its cause. We hope that something will be done speedily and are following all leads supplied. Anyone, with information on the murders, should call the Chatsworth police station,” said Singh.

According to Pillay’s family, they have an attorney, who is investigating the matter together with the police. They are sure that their father’s culprits will be brought to book soon.

Provincial police spokeswoman, Col Thembeka Mbele confirmed that no arrests have been made as yet.

The killers were themselves attacked and despatched after the hit. But no-one who ordered the hit has been brought to book. IOL reports:

“The deceased were once valuable to the boss as runners, they were earning about R800 a day before switching to another drug lord,” he said. Ndlovu described Pillay as a humble man who distributed food hampers to the needy community. He said last Christmas, Teddy Mafia rewarded his runners with bonuses amounting to R2 000, while loyal customers were given free heroin.

He said the death of Pillay’s son, Devendren Lionel, known as Bigz, who died in hospital after being involved in a drive-by shooting outside his home last year, had an effect on him. “Teddy had hoped Bigz would take over his business after his retirement,” he said.

He said corrupt police officers would often collect “tax fees” from Pillay in return for protection. Ndlovu said rogue officers in police vans collected bribes of about R500 every time.

Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted
In other developments a wharehouse belonging to Pillay was found full of heroin capsules.

In another twist, a 54-year old man was gunned down in Shallcross. The drive-by happened on Taurus street, the same street Teddy Mafia lived on. Almost unbelievably, this fourth homicide at the same location has not been solved

“It is alleged that the victim alighted from his vehicle when another vehicle passed along and fired shots towards him on the head,” said KZN police spokesperson Nqobile Gwala.

“He was declared dead at the scene. The matter is still under investigation,”

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