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A great tool has been around for a while but deserves all the attention it gets. Medicine Price Registry (MPR) can be used to find out what you can expect when your doctor prescribes you treatment; find out if there are cheaper generics that you can use instead; and make sure that you aren’t being overcharged for medicine prices

Created by OpenUp’s director Adi Eyal when he decided to find out how much medicine really should be costing him, Medicine Price Registry (MPR) is a simple but effective tool. Using regularly updated prices, users can search for the name of the medicine they are looking for. Results will include the cost of different doses, a list of generics (if they exist) and basic product details. This is particularly useful for people with prescriptions for chronic medication, as you will be able to see if the price of your medicine has changed and if so, how much your local pharmacy should be charging you. It also informs you if there are generic options available for the medicine you have been prescribed, making it easier to speak to your doctor about cheaper alternatives. This is a project created and powered by OpenUp.

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