Understanding Mrithunjaya and Turiya in meditation

After learning how to meditate we try to make Meditation deeper and longer. Then we realize that there is a limit beyond which we can’t make Meditation deeper or longer. Is Meditation without food or water for many days the last stage of? Or are the concepts of Mrithunjaya and Turiya in meditation more helpful to understand this.

There are two states of Meditation, which outwardly go totally unnoticed. However, they are two extreme states of mind, which no one can think of mastering.


We often jump out of joy for simple reasons, making people to look at us disgustingly.

To avoid this we stop having emotions at all. However, this makes our life very dull.

How to have maximum pleasure, without having any facial expression or body language?

purusha model

Close to our Positive attitude we have four stages of consciousness. In the fourth stage feeling and facial expression of emotions are de-linked so that we can have maximum pleasure even when large number of people are around us.

Our emotionally dead face hides the extreme emotion we are feeling. It would be totally embarrassing if the emotion we are feeling finds facial expression and may ruin our social life.


Literally, this means victory over death. Allegorically, it is about prevention of death of an idea.

All scriptures are about seven stage muscle tone based thinking. An idea passes through the seven stages and finally gets converted into an action. An idea can be converted into an action from any stage. However, at higher stages it is more powerful and reliable.

Thus, we convert ideas into an action at a premature stage only, at most unsuitable time or let the idea gets abolished at higher levels because it is not compatible with some other ideas.

Ideally we must have the idea in the highest stage for a very long time so that we can convert it into a very powerful action at the best opportunity.

Having the idea in a state of suspended animation at the highest state, at which we have no control at all, is extremely difficult.

Difference between Mrithunjaya and Turiya in meditation

What makes it extremely difficult is that the technique has to be used in real world situations and not in a Meditation center or in a remote forest.

Thus, Turiya and Mrithyunjaya are many times more difficult to master than deep meditation for prolonged time because both have to be used in real world situations. Turiya is associated with our Positive attitude and Mrithyunjaya with our Negative attitude and in both states we will have absolutely no control over what we are doing.

To keep the answer simple I have not written about more complicated entities.

Two of the stages are worth mentioning – Mrithunjaya Turiya meditation

The actual ultimate stage is one in which we make Brahman to automatically detect and solve problems.
The ultimate stage is one in which we understand how Brahman automatically solves problems in an absolutely reliable and efficient way. In this stage we also understand Vishwarupa, in which we let all the seven gods solve the problem simultaneously and know which god is best for that moment.

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