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Driving to Durban (and back) for Easter Weekend: traffic, weather, tolls, alcohol, N3 info 🚙 🏖 🚧

FLASH:You can’t transport booze from midnight tonight! Read more. Y’all have one thing on your mind right now – the long road home. And how to make that short. Driving down for Easter Weekend is allowed, unlike 2020, so this rite of passage takes on extra meaning. Check out weather and traffic for KZN – Durban easter on the N3 here.

24-Hour N3TC Helpline 0800 63 4357

N3 traffic flow

traffic flow

N3 traffic route

n3 route

3 day weather forecast

3 day weather 4 april 2021
3 day weather 4 april 2021

Toll Tariffs

NEW toll tariffs from 1 March 2021 (sneaky, eh?)
PLAZA                                       Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Mariann Hill                              R13,00 R23,00    R29,00     R45,00
Mooi                                         R55,00 R134,00 R188,00   R255,00
Mooi South Ramp Plaza        R38,00 R94,00   R132,00   R178,00
Mooi North Ramp Plaza        R16,00 R40,00    R56,00    R76,00
Mooi Treverton Ramp Plaza R16,00 R40,00    R56,00    R76,00
Bergville Ramp Plaza             R23,00 R27,00    R51,00    R78,00
Tugela                                      R78,00 R129,00.  R204,00 R282,00
Tugela East Ramp Plaza.       R49,00 R80,00    R119,00  R166,00
Wilge                                        R73,00 R126,00   R169,00  R239,00
De Hoek                                     R53,00 R82,00    R125,00   R180,00
Total cost:                               R272,00 R494,00 R715,00  R1001,00
(if travelling between Johannesburg and Durban and only using mainline):

Follow N3TC on Twitter @n3route or website for any doubt or call them on 24-Hour N3TC Helpline 0800 63 4357
Remember: stay alert, stay alive. Drive safe, we want to see you all back here after Durban Easter.

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