Sureshnie Rider leaves 5FM Roger Good Show, releases official statement

5FM Dj Sureshnie Rider has been let go from the Roger Goode Show. This axing was announced last week in a slew of reshuffling from the troubled state broadcaster.

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Here is her statement:

5fm has been both my ONE DAY and DAY ONE!.

I have been part of the 5fm family for 18 years and on Wednesday, I say goodbye. As a kid, my dream was to ‘ONE DAY’ host the World Chart Show and, it came true with me getting to host the 5fm Top40. A show that won us best Weekend Show and took me all the way to Nashville Tennessee for a sit down with Taylor Swift; a show that proved to me that affirmations manifest.

Since my arrival with just a pillow in hand and leaving my family in Durban behind, my DAY ONE has been brand 5fm, the people I shared studios and mics with and the many family members I have gained from deep friendships I forged.

I say goodbye with the most fulfilled heart of having served as your Top40 host.
I was so privileged to be in your company during the weekends or being the late-night study buddy on the weekdays. I was so honoured to be able to share my love for the news, across so many shows and currently on our Breakfast show.

Working at 5fm had a far deeper emotional impact on me. It allowed me to dismantle a stereotype that I went through as a kid…that colorism would determine my place in society. Working in a station like 5fm gave me the most beautiful platform to truly represent. For my community, for girls and boys with my skin colour, for people of colour, for women who didn’t think it was possible….5fm allowed me to represent so much more than just a radio head. It gave back to me in the most wonderful ways and hopefully broke those narratives into new dreams for many others too.

To my 5fm family especially Nick Grubb and John Langford who hired me, thank you for taking a chance on the little Durban girl with big dreams and allowing her to become the streetwise woman she is today.

To Roger Goode thank you for believing in me. The first crazy human I met 18 years ago, thank you for everything you have done to inspire, motivate and encourage me. You are forever family.

To the legends and icons that worked at 5fm, who remain my friends today, thank you for setting up this dream for so many of us to follow and to fulfil.

This dream of mine to be here, was always something personal, not just for me – I’ve always wanted to make my Mum and Dad proud. To Rocky and Gonum Govender, your Mantra of ‘What the eyes can see the hands can do’, is a testament to the belief that you gave me as a child, to dream big, work hard and to believe in myself. To my family, there is no Me without YOU.

Radio also brought me Love ‘On Air’. To my Leigh, I LOVE you beyond words. You’re my greatest fan and my fiercest critic and you’ve inspired every show I have ever done. Thank you for holding my hand through it all. To my Pavani Milan…. here’s to you, for being the reason I radio. To create a world of opportunity, wonder and joy. ‘What I need to live has been given to me by the earth… why I need to live has been given to me by you’.

So, as a parting shot, I wanted to thank each and every ONE of you who has been part of my journey at 5fm, been part of every radio show and fueled all of my passion and dreams. THANK YOU. I hope that you will follow me on my next adventure 🙂

Whilst it’s a cheers to my journey on 5fm, it’s NOT where I leave my headphones or mic. I have beautiful new paths carving out and it’s time to look up to even more exciting horizons in this broadcast and TV world. Firstly, my podcast LIVE LEARN LOVE is on its way. I’m venturing into the media space with decades of experience, passion and an omnipresent energy 🙂 I remain an MC, a voice over artist, content creator and a Radio Head. Let’s always stay connected.

But most importantly…

‘The noblest art is that of Making others happy’. …. It’s how I choose to move through this world.

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