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Why you’re never too old to improve your cooking skills!

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this isn’t always true. When it comes to cooking, you are never too late to learn how to cook, or to improve and expand upon your existing knowledge.

Beginner cooks

Being able to cook is not just about being able to provide healthy and nutritious meals. It’s a hobby and a way to enjoy yourself as well. In the US, between 10% – 17% of people say they cook because they love it, rather than it being a necessity. This should be higher! Cooking has the power to teach you several wonderful soft skills such as multitasking, elements of chemistry and physics, holding responsibility, and timekeeping.

It is also known for being relaxing and helping people to switch off and de-stress. Putting time aside each day to be creative and mindful is also important in today’s high-stress culture where the focus is on working, and not making time for ourselves. 

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider taking up cooking, not just to cook food, but to improve your wellbeing as well.

Those with existing cooking skills

pexels food

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If you already have some cooking skills, you might be undecided on whether you want to increase them and move to the next level. This brings with it many different benefits. Firstly, as we have addressed above, cooking is good for stress, mental health, and overall wellbeing. It can also become a hobby or something you do to make time for yourself. But, as someone with additional cooking knowledge, learning more can bring you a greater level of satisfaction. You can decide whether you want to specialise in a certain kind of cuisines such as vegan or gluten-free, or food from certain locations. You can also decide between traditional or contemporary styles, or create your own genre!

For those that really want to pursue cooking, you could also consider it as a career path. Whether you want to open your own restaurant, sell cupcakes from home, or get a job in a prestigious kitchen, there is always a good reason to learn more.

Ways to Improve your cooking skills

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Working with a cooking teacher can help you improve much quicker. Many teachers can visit in person or do online one-to-one sessions where they take you through the process step by step. This can be really helpful for those who want a more customized approach to their cooking journey. Some may find this process enlightening due to the interaction you can get, as every teacher will have a different teaching style.

Alternatively, there are various ways you can seek to learn more or improve your cooking skills. Checking out video tutorials is a great place to start. This is a particularly useful method for those that learn by watching and then doing. There are videos out there for every level of learner, for each kind of cuisine, and every nuance. 

There are many ways you can increase your cooking skills- online learning and teachers are just two of them. As with many things, practice makes perfect, and you probably won’t have issues finding willing guinea pigs for your culinary endeavours.

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