Sadhguru launches mobile game – Kari and the Lost Shrines – to promote temples

The Sadhuguru, Jaggi Vasudev, has released a mobile game through his Isha Foundation a month after denouncing the neglect of Indian temples. It appears that the ‘Sadhguru game’ is meant to build knowledge amongst the youth as this issues becomes more heated and broad-based.

“The wait is over! The mobile game from Isha – Kari and the Lost Shrines – is here. Kari has been entrusted with the mission of finding and putting back lost relics that temples once housed. Help him do that and Experience the joy of reviving temples to their ancient glory!”

https://isha.co/kari (Play store), iOS coming soon. Search for Kari Game


Reviews of the Sadhguru game

4.9* (435 ratings! from 1k+ downloads) The reviews are looking great, some highlights below: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detailsid=com.IshaGameStudios.KariandTheLostShrine&showAllReviews=true
“Wow perfect blend of knowledge, culture and playfulness. More games should be created with these kind of concepts.”
“This game a huge step to many possibilities “
“Gosh this is one true Indic game. Simple and short but challenging and educational at the same time. Never expected this to be so good. Considering the plethora of poorly designed games by Indian game studios. Loved collecting the relics, all for the wonderful info bits on those telling the traditional tales . The level design is fantastic, bgm is divine . Having used unity game engine myself, highly appreciate the work done by the game devs, also on the cutscenes. “

HIGHLIGHT: Comment from Instagram: “A girl telling her younger brother (most probably): “Now you have no reason to not do Inner Engineering!”

Sadhguru: Temples in India neglected, under state control

This is a hot topic in India. Temples are managed by the state, who are obliged to see them as assets. Neglect is most apparent in Tamil Nadu state, with about half of temples not able to function normally.

In a series of tweets with the hashtag ‘Free TN temples’, the founder of the Isha Foundation said there was a need to “reverse” the “rate of decay in our temples” for generations to come. He described the destruction of sculptures in the temples as “a loss not just for the Tamil community” but also “a colossal loss for humanity”. 

“Some temples are in a serious state of decay & almost irredeemable. No more can we just stand by and watch the collapse of a rich culture that once thrived & flourished and brought prosperity and wellbeing to its people.” 

While temples are managed by the state, mosques and churches are exempt.

Within a few hours, the first explainer Kari game video with tips and tricks dropped:

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