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Aryan Benevolent Home to celebrate 100 years 1 May, 2021

The Aryan Benevolent Home (ABH) will be celebrating their 100th milestone on 1 May 2021. The Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) is one of South Africa’s largest and oldest NPOs. The Home cares for 726 residents which include the elderly, frail, children and victims of domestic violence.

The history of the ABH goes back to 1918, when Mr DG Satyadeva, witnessed a police officer assaulting a homeless old man for taking shelter overnight in a public toilet in Durban.

Deeply distressed by this incident and inspired by the teachings of the Arya Samaj, whose ninth principle states that everyone must see his own welfare in the welfare of others (a parallel to the African concept of Ubuntu), Mr DG Satyadeva and his colleagues, Pt. Nayanah Rajh and Mr SL Singh resolved to provide a home for the city’s neediest.

Three years later, the first home, a small wood and iron house in Cato Manor, opened its doors to three homeless beggars, and soon became a refuge for elderly, disabled and chronically ill people in need. In 1933, a larger and more permanent structure was built in Chatsworth to serve the growing needs of the organisation.

Today, the ABH’s flagship campus stands tall atop 80 Arena Park Drive in Chastworth. The organisation has come a long way since its humble beginnings and is today a national organisation with five facilities in Durban, two in Gauteng and old aged facilities in Glencoe and Umzinto. An ABH committee also runs regular charitable outreach programmes in the Western Cape.

Currently, the Home is gearing up to celebrate their 100th anniversary with a prayer that will be Livestreamed to their Facebook page

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, guests are invited to participate by watching the prayer via Facebook Live at 10am on 1 May 2021 (Saturday). The prayer will include a multi-faith prayer which will be conducted by Bishop Rubin Phillip and Dr A V Mahomed. The Havan will be conducted by Arthi Shanand (President of the Arya Samaj SA). Eshu Seevnarayan, patron of the ABH will deliver a speech on behalf of Mr Jeremy Droyman, the President of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies KwaZulu Natal. Guest speakers include Naren Pattundeen (CEO of the ABH) and Mohil Bandulal (President of the ABH Council).

Noteworthy developments that took place at the Home recently is the creation of the ABH Centenary School, the new Salligram elderly care facility which is now based at the Aryan Benevolent Home’s headquarters, the upgrading of the ABH VJ Kara Family Centre (the centre helps victims of domestic violence and their children) and the upgrade of the AYS facility. Children that live at the ABH benefit from the upgraded AYS facility as they use the renovated theatre for their Speech and Drama lessons and they also enjoy the gymnasium at the AYS facility. All developments and upgrades were made possible through donor funding. Future developments include the upgrade of the Children’s Home in both Chatsworth and Gauteng. The ABH is also considering operating an Aged care facility in Gauteng.

Speaking at an ABH dinner, President Cyril Ramaphosa said, “The ABH is a home of hope and compassion. Through the work that you do, you are building a united non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous society.”

He added, “The government cannot provide social good and public services without the helping hand of organisations such as the ABH. You are an indispensable instrument in extending the reach of the state”.

Naren Pattundeen, CEO of the ABH said: “The ABH Council implements the principles of King IV Report on Corporate Governance to ensure integrity, responsibility, accountability and transparency. The ABH Council has helped our Home make tremendous progress over the last 5 years by improving our Home’s governance, maintenance, new builds, rationalisation of assets, staff training, staff restructuring, expense control and strategy.

Pattundeen added: “The key is sustainability for the next few years. The question we ask ourselves every day is what additional measures can we take to raise more funds and decrease expenditure to meet our running cost of R50 million per year. 50% of our funding is subsidised by the Department of Social Development and the balance is raised through fundraising initiatives.

Pattundeen provided details about the Aryan Benevolent Home cost-reducing measures: “Our projects namely borehole water purification, harvesting and purification of rain water and an automated hot water system have decreased our operational costs however on a monthly basis we have to raise R517 000 per month through donations. In addition, we purchase PPE at a cost of R100 000 per month.

“We are grateful to everyone that has supported our Home through the decades. Through your heartfelt kindness we have collectively been able to care and serve South Africa’s most vulnerable people. We appeal to corporates and individuals to assist us once again. Thank you very much for helping us serve humanity”.

Please find the ABH’s banking details below:

First National Bank
Account Name: ABH Fundraising
Account No: 508 300 223 44  
Branch Code: 250655
Current Account
Branch: Chatsworth
Reference: Care and your phone number

International donors can donate via the ABH’s BackaBuddy campaign,

For further information, please email or call 031 404 9523.

To learn more about the ABH visit or

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