LOTUS NEWSBREAK: 16-year-old Newcastle science wiz creates an automated screening and sanitising robot – out of LEGO!

16-year-old science wiz Suhaan Singh has contributed to the fight against COVID-19 – with a novel invention to automate the screening and sanitising process. Suhaan’s inspiration came from wanting to safeguard his family and school mates. He did this by using a Lego kit to construct and modify a robot. For his creation, Suhaan has been selected to represent South Africa in the 2021 Virtual International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in the United States. The Newcastle learner says he is very excited about representing South Africa at the virtual fair.

Suhaan won a bronze medal at the 2020 Eskom Expo International Science Fair, where he demonstrated an advanced and in-depth understanding of the engineering category, producing research at an international level.

The project also addressed a contemporary issue, while the research was creative and novel.

He said the manual process of Covid-19 screening is inefficient and ineffective, as multiple personnel were required to man the screening station to record visitor details when entering an establishment, followed by hand sanitising and scanning of their temperatures.

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