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WATCH: Doctors perform operation on snake in India, leave it in stitches 🐍😲

An injured snake was rescued and operated by surgeons in India’s eastern Mayurbhanj district on Saturday, April 17 2021.

The Russell’s Viper snake that was trapped in a fishing net for 5-6 days was spotted by children after which it was rescued and its wound was stitched.

“This snake was stuck in a net and its skin was torn. We gave him stitches over here so it is doing well. It will recover,” said a Veterinarian, Manas Kumar Dalbehera. “It is doing well. It will recover.”

The snake was later released in the biosphere reserve of Similipal National Park.

The Russell’s viper is one of the most dangerous snakes in Asia. It can be found in India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Java among other places.

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