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WATCH: Durban film-maker Veron Vadivelu wins international award for his short film

Multi-faceted creative Veron Vadivelu has won international acclaim for his short film “Untitled for Now”. The topic deals with the a slice of life, in this case love and heartbreak, and the settings of the modern, young South African Indian guy. The film can be watched below.

The Short film was Officially Selected at the Phoenix International Short Film Festival (Ontario, Canada), Lift-Off Global Network Sessions Festival (Pinewood Studios, UK), Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmaker Sessions Festival (Pinewood Studios, UK), and The Uruvatti International Film Festival (Tamil-Nadu, India). The Director of the Film Veron Vadivelu won ‘Best Debut for Filmmaker of Short Film’ at the Uruvatti International Film Festival.

Veron’s inspiration in his own words

I am Veron, I am a South African Indian Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, Poet, Comedian, and part-time Baker.  I work on many things such as Developing and Writing films and television ideas, Stand-Up Comedy, Poetry, Filmmaking and developing recipes for cooking and baking but in terms of income I have a small brownie business that covers majority of my personal and business expenses. This allows me to invest in my artistic endeavours. I studied Quantity Surveying at DUT for 2 years before leaving to pursue a series that I created and wrote getting picked up, and of which inspired the short film.

My Artistic endeavour’s  originates from the South African Indian representation within our entertainment is lacklustre to say the least, to a point of which we don’t even seem to exist. I am here now so that is all about to change. Everything that I do is for my people. The world needs to see the beauty, diversity and excellence that exist within South African Indian and South African people. As much as we think the world knows about us they don’t because if the world truly knew who we are they would not be able to stop talking about us. My life’s pursuit is showcasing this to the world and putting us at the forefront of elite entertainment.

The themes running through the ‘Untitled for Now’ film

My fundamental goal is to showcase South African and South African Indian culture on a global scale because I believe we are far too beautiful, talented and gifted to not be known at the capacity that we deserve to be known and seen. My primary objectives are for South African Indians given that I am a South African Indian but just as much include South African people as well. There are three objectives that I have. The first objective is the progression of South African Indians within the entertainment industry. You see at this point the majority of content we are producing is beginning to regress our culture more than anything else, it showcases us as a caricature and is built on stereotypes but we are so much more than that. Now is the time for the new generation to share their truths and to tell our stories to progress our culture. I am in no way shape or form shunning the older generations content as its their truth and what they’ve know, there are many things that are true and real within their content but I believe that their content could be much better.

Collaboration between the generations of SA Indians

This leads me to my second objective which is the collaboration between the older generation and younger generation of South African Indians. I cannot stress the importance of collaboration more. It’s the current lack of collaboration that I quickly identified as a reason as to why we are in the position we are in, a position which many feel is fine but one I’m not willing to let exist. Together we are stronger and together with constructive criticism, fresh ideas and love for the arts we can elevate our position. My third objective is the identifying and nurturing talent. This country is filled to the brim with dormant talent and it is my fundamental goal identifying this talent. I know whole heartedly that this talent exist as I was one of them.

My Independent Production Company Vili Studios (Pty) Ltd. which is Durban based, independently financed and produced a short film ‘Untitled For Now’ that was shot within 10 days (6 Days of Photography) from 6/07/20 to 16/07/20 during the COVID-19 Level 3 Lockdown and Curfew, whilst adhering to all COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols and having no positive COVID-19 infections in a cast and crew consisting of 15 individuals.

If you wish to contact Veron Vadivelu, drop him an email at: veron@vilistudios.com

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