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Contrary to popular belief, Ancient India did not discover sex. They just recognised its importance and its non-importance and incorporated into a practical lifestyle. Ayurvedic sex and medicine go together and make a lot of practical sense when you go through the rationale.

Vedic and later teachings about astrology, math, science and psychology tend to be correct and ‘discovered’ again by the West thousands of years later. We present the basics here as a starting point for you to align yourself and your desires to ancient wisdom, enjoy!

Essential fluids

Ayurveda believes that our bodies are made of 7 essential tissues or dhatus. Of these, one is the rasa dhatu. Rasa, or the serum or sap, is the white part of the blood. Of this rasa come the sexual fluids called the sukra dhatu, the process of their formation being roughly a month long. The sexual fluids, or the sukra dhatu, are thus products of a lot of effort from our body. And from these fluids comes the ojas. Ojas is the basis of a new life and is potent enough to create new life or put ideas into action.

Optimal frequency of sex

Vagbhata, the author of a 2,500-year-old classical Ayurvedic text called the Ashtanga Hridayam, provides recommendations on how much sex we can have in each season. “During the winter season, the person can indulge in sex daily as much as they like after making use of aphrodisiacs and obtaining strength; once in three days in spring and fall; and once every two weeks in the rainy season and summer.”

Let’s break down Vaghbata’s prescription. He tells us that we can have sex every day in the winter—but only after “making use of aphrodisiacs and obtaining strength.” In other words, sex can deplete your ojas — your vital essence, which gives you strength and immunity. Strong ojas not only supports stable bodily tissues, it also supports a stable mind, clear consciousness, and better stress resilience. So, if you want to have a daily sexual practice in the winter, you will need to have a nourishing, ojas-building lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Sex Rules

  1. Ayurveda believes that a couple should refrain from having sex during menstruation. Some health experts are of the belief that sex during periods may give rise to a condition termed a Endometriosos (the endometrial cells grow outside the uterus, often in the ovary or the fallopian tubes).
  2. According to Ayurveda, an ideal sex position is one where the woman is lying with her face directed in an upward position. Remember: this is not the Kama Sutra, which focuses on pleasure rather than sexual health. Just be flexible..
  3. Have sex only when your private parts are clean and healthy (as this helps to prevent infections and associated complications).
  4. According to Ayurvedic medicine sexual health, loyalty and faithfulness are what get a relationship going. Infidelity creates lots of bad karma that will require exorbitant work to rectify.
  5. Ayurveda is against a couple having sex immediately after birth. It further states that a 5-months time in the case of a C-section and 2-3 months interval in the case of a normal delivery will go a long way in ensuring a healthy sex life (will help the woman to recover well). It is also against
  6. Ayurvedic sex is not too violent or energetic, as it can bring in other energies.
  7. Ayurveda believes in genital sex which balances and harmonises energies. Oral sex is fine as it is exciting, but should not lead to orgasm. The same for anal sex – none of these are ideal and if done occasionally, there are specific exercises to balance the pranas again.
  8. Ayurvedic sex does not advocate the practice of having sex on days of prime significance such as festivals, various eclipses, on a full moon or new moon nights, to name a few. Hindu festivals and fasting days are tied in to the moon and planetary positions, so it makes sense that intense physical activity such as sex would fall under these suggestions too.
  9. Sex on empty stomach or after a heavy meal can trigger a plethora of health problems by causing a Vata and Pitta imbalance. The imbalance may give rise to digestive problems.
  10. Ayurvedans are strictly against the idea of having sex with aged women or with the underage.
  11. Always have sex when both the partners are in a comfortable position. This is to ensure that you enjoy the intercourse sans any injury.
  12. Never have sex if you are sick or physically and mentally not fit.
  13. Sex is not a wise idea when you have to lighten yourself (defecate or urinate)..

The Sex Ayurvedic – herbs to improve stamina

  1. Shilajit works excellently in increasing the stamina, this is why it is known as the Indian Viagra
  2. Ashwagandha is a well-known herb in South Asia for sex. It means “smells like a horse” 😂 but apparently also translates into other positive, sexual characteristics of horses
  3. Swarn bhasma 
  4. Jaiphal 
  5. Kesar 

Remember, consult a doctor or ayurvedic specialist if anything needs to be clarified on Ayurvedic medicine sexual health.

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