VOTE for The Devi Show to win 2 awards

After just 10 months on air #TheDeviShow has been nominated for 2 @SAFTAS1 awards?

◇ Best Factual Programme

◇ Best TV Presenter

We would 💖 your vote.

How to vote for The Devi Show

your vote. #Dial *120*32020# Then: “1” for #BestTVPresenter and “1” for #Devi R1.50

#Thursdays@eNCA 20:30 22:00

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About the SAFTA Awards for The Devi Show

The South African Film and Television Awards (sometimes referred to as the Golden Horns; often simply called the SAFTAs) is an annual South African awards ceremony hosted by the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), to honour creative excellence in the local film and television industry as assessed by the volunteer judges. The various category winners are awarded a statuette, officially called the Golden Horn, and a certificate. The awards, first presented in 2006 at the Gallagher Estate, are overseen by a committee governed by the NFVF.[1] The finalists, nominees, and winners are chosen by a multi-phasic process of judging panels. Only South African citizens are eligible for the awards.[2] The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is the official live broadcast partner and sponsor. The 13th South African Film and Television Awards (Quarantine Edition-ceremony) was held at the Sun City Metro Theater on 1st of April 2021 by Edem, Henry-Kendall A. And garnered over 1 million live watchers at the official SAFTAs 2021 Zoom Link

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